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  • Into the Archives: An Interview with Folder Studio

    In this new interview, Folder Studio (Takumi Akin, Wesley Chou, and Jon Gacnik) talk about four of their archive-based projects, covering topics from used books and post-punk to riots and the legacy of Tupac.

  • My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be?

    For the past handful of years, I've been teaching courses about interactive design and the internet. I teach within art departments at universities, so we learn about the internet's impact on art-and vice versa-and how technological advance often coincides with artistic development. In class, we make websites.

  • Why does philosophy hold clothes in such low regard? - Shahidha Bari | Aeon Essays

    Sometime in 1932, Salvador Dalí met with the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. A deliciously queer photograph records them loitering together in a Parisian street, swaddled in fur coats so sumptuous that Liberace would have died of envy. Dalí's is draped insouciantly across his shoulders like a black cape, his straggly collar-length hair lending him a vampiric air.

  • Sharing is Tables: Furniture for Digital Labor

    In 2012, Facebook signed on its one billionth user. To celebrate the occasion, the company commissioned filmmaker Alejandro G. Iñárritu-of Amores Perros and Babel fame-to make their first-ever brand video, "to express what [their] place is on this earth."

  • New Gardens

    by Callil, DWC fellow When I was young I lived next to a Biodynamic farm and intentional living community in upstate NY. I was able to freely roam through orchards, cropped fields and small gardens. As I spent time in these environments, unbeknownst to me I was brushing up against embedded knowledge by proxy.