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    Berlin-based Emily Segal and Martti Kalliala introduce Nemesis, a new kind of think tank and consultancy company.

  • Why we should be watching the sun, not the clock

    The long read: Between daylight saving and obligatory early starts, we live at the mercy of 'official' time - and many of us feel permanently out of sync

  • In the Shadow of the CMS

    Encountering a random selection of high-end publications online, you might not think they had much in common. For example, The Ringer is a sports-centric website started by Bill Simmons that banks on podcast production; Vox is Ezra Klein's politics-explainer behemoth; and Funny or Die is a decidedly non-journalistic viral-comedy-video producer co-founded by Will Ferrell.

  • Before you can be with others, first learn to be alone - Jennifer Stitt | Aeon Ideas

    In 1840, Edgar Allan Poe described the 'mad energy' of an ageing man who roved the streets of London from dusk till dawn. His excruciating despair could be temporarily relieved only by immersing himself in a tumultuous throng of city-dwellers. 'He...

  • These are the Job Ads You Can't See on Facebook if You're Older

    It is against the law to discriminate against workers older than 40 in hiring and recruitment. But through a ProPublica crowd-sourcing investigation, we found dozens of companies who bought Facebook ads aimed at recruiting workers within limited age ranges. Some companies said these ads were not representatives of their wider recruitment strategies.