An attempt to keep track of what I'm working on, thinking about, designing, reading, or otherwise occupying my time with at a high level, without resorting to an entry-laden, prose-heavy "blog" format. Not strictly work-focused.

December 2018

  • Reflecting upon and learning from a year of intense personal and professional development
  • Building up a neo-retro 1994 Specialized Allez lugged steel road bike with a modern 11-speed Shimano drivetrain

November 2018

  • Conducting various human-centered design activities with the staff of Dirt Rag Magazine to define requirements for a relaunch of Dirt Rag's online publishing presence
  • Traveling to Albuquerque and Santa Fe over Thanksgiving break to experience northern New Mexico for the first time (staying at Los Poblanos historic inn in ABQ and seeing as much art as possible in Santa Fe)

October 2018

  • Making a significant UI/UX overhaul to the home page of Dirt Rag Magazine, allowing users to drill deeper into categories on the home page and for the editorial team to "feature" certain posts and contests

September 2018

  • Designing a screen-free interface with AI-driven reporting (I wish I could say more)

August 2018

  • Condensing Rhiza's sprawling and detailed user-facing documentation and building a searchable, accessible home for it on the web using Vuepress and some custom Vue components
  • Launching said documentation helpsite
  • Finishing the outdoor patio I planned in May

July 2018

  • Designing a logo for Steady State Cycles, a high-end road and mountain bike shop owned by some friends in Pittsburgh
  • Developing some UX improvements to Dirt Rag Magazine via Vue components and the WP-JSON API, extending the shelf life of their purchased premium Wordpress theme until it's time for a full redesign
  • Riding the scenic roads and sketchy single-track trails of the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts for the JAM Fund Grand FUNdo

June 2018

  • Designing a full-bodied user-contributed dataset uploader + composer for Rhiza based entirely on user feedback and strategic use-cases (abstract, prototype)
  • Relentlessly jamming the new A$AP Rocky
  • Playing around with Stylefy for ClojureScript components

May 2018

April 2018

March 2018

  • Thinking about collaborative workflows for publishing user-facing documentation with Markdown and Github, using continuous integration and peer reviews
  • Refactoring everything with Tachyons
  • Learning and implementing a new front-end for Rhiza using functional programming via re-frame, ClojureScript and React
  • Working on some design projects for 5x American cyclocross champion Jeremy Powers