James Acklin

Thanks for stopping by. I’m a digital product designer and front-end web developer in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I work full-time for Nielsen’s Media Analytics division, developing machine-learning tools for content performance and distribution.

I have created digital experiences and tools on the Web for startups, large agencies, and Fortune 500 companies for about a decade. I have extensive experience with building and designing visual, component-based UI design systems for consistency, aesthetics, accessibility, and usability. I am also a UX general practitioner, leading user-focused design exercises and research efforts.

I am most comfortable in pro-complexity UX vacuums and routinely advocate for human-centered design methods in business contexts. My design practice concentrates on high-fidelity prototyping, information design, and living code deliverables. I have a passion for manipulating data structures and working with the raw material of the Web.

Occasionally, I conduct branding exercises and do general graphic design work for projects I’m interested in or personally connected to. I am not presently accepting freelance opportunities.

I recently built a mid-range gaming PC to explore 3D modeling and basic game development.

Most of my work is fashionably under NDA. Email me if you'd like to chat.